Greetings from CV


You don’t have a lot of results come out on Wednesday.


Sorry! I meant you do not have a lot of TIME; the results come out on Wednesday.


Ok, I’ll try to do it today but idk if I can (I’m at school right now) so I might have to do it tomorrow


Alright, thanks!
(P.S. For me, school is closed for students today.)


Hi, welcome! If you need any help, I’ll be there


Omg Watch ur language this is a kid’s forum


Oh my! I do not deserve to be in such a pure place! Sus*end me! B*n me!


Hi I’m back when’s the next challenge :))))))))))))


When’s da next challenge


The next challenge is tomorrow.


You’re welcome, :)
Also how did I inspire you? I haven’t been on HS in a while so I’m not sure what’s going on there.


YOur project with the turtle saying join the He forum


Oh I don’t remember that :disappointed:


It was your project that convinced people to get the forum.


Are you sure you don’t recognize this?


Oh hahaha
@NindroidGames where’s the turtle :joy:


Must’ve been confusing it with another thing I guess


Yoo-hoo! I’m back! I was taking a hiatus for a few days. Also, I MISSED U GUYS!!! @Fizzy_27 @DogWithAPen @Pafriskus @Kayro @William04GamerA and more!


Cool! Welcome back
Happy valentines day


Welcome back @Cocoa_Viola!
Happy valentine’s day!