Greetings from CV


You don’t have a lot of results come out on Wednesday.


Sorry! I meant you do not have a lot of TIME; the results come out on Wednesday.


Ok, I’ll try to do it today but idk if I can (I’m at school right now) so I might have to do it tomorrow


Alright, thanks!
(P.S. For me, school is closed for students today.)


Hi, welcome! If you need any help, I’ll be there


Oh my! I do not deserve to be in such a pure place! Sus*end me! B*n me!


Hi I’m back when’s the next challenge :))))))))))))


When’s da next challenge


The next challenge is tomorrow.


You’re welcome, :)
Also how did I inspire you? I haven’t been on HS in a while so I’m not sure what’s going on there.


YOur project with the turtle saying join the He forum


Oh I don’t remember that :disappointed:


It was your project that convinced people to get the forum.


Are you sure you don’t recognize this?


Oh hahaha
@Petrichor where’s the turtle :joy:


Must’ve been confusing it with another thing I guess


Yoo-hoo! I’m back! I was taking a hiatus for a few days. Also, I MISSED U GUYS!!! @Fizzy_27 @DogWithAPen @Pafriskus @Kayro @William04GamerA and more!


Cool! Welcome back
Happy valentines day


Welcome back @Cocoa_Viola!
Happy valentine’s day!


Welcome back @Cocoa_Viola, I have missed you too :slight_smile: