Greetings from CV


Guess who this is! You guessed it! It’s CocoaViola! I am new to the forum, so if you have anything to share with me, please do!

Regulars disappearing, but why?

Um. Who are you? Sorry. But it seems like I should know you. But anyway, Hello! How are you? What brought you to the forum?




Hi I like your profile picture


Welcome to the forum! If you ever need any help, write like this: @William04GamerA. That will send me a notification so I can help you as soon as possible. If you want to view your notifications, you can tap here:

It will bring up a menu that looks like this:

I am sorry if the image is hard to read, but the arrows points at the three kinds of notifications: like notifications, reply notifications and tagging notifications. The texts tells you a little more about these, but feel free to ask if you are wondering anything by writing @William04GamerA in one of your posts or topics, like I said before. Have a great time on the forum!


Hi @Cocoa_Viola! Welcome to the Forum! I’m Kitkat26! If you ever need anything, you can tag me like this: @Kitkat26

Do you have a Hopscotch account? If so, what is the username?


Hi i think i kinda know you…?




Welcome to the forum!

I hope you are starting to get used to the forum a little bit! I also hope you read some of the replies up above, because they are pretty great ones and REALLy helpful!
As mentioned, use the @ symbol if you want to notify me! (@Swati_Bang) and it will send me a notification so I can easily answer your question or we can chat!
To start off, I suggest just to look around the “Latest” section of the forum and get a feel for what kind of topics are created! Feel free to reply on any of them to show your support, or like them as well! It is great if you want to focus in your attention on a specific category! If you want to help a hopscotcher out with a hs bug, then go to the “Categories” page right next to the “Latest” page and click on the “Bugs” category!

Don’t forget to tag me with any questions!!


Okay, I do exist on Hopscotch. My user there is CocoaViola.


Thanks for the comment! Also, a double thanks to you for inspiring me to get the forum!


Hello, @MyPi! I am CocoaViola on the Hopscotch app, and it was Snoopy who inspired me to get the forum.


Okay. Are you new to Hopscotch? I’ve never heard of you.


How dare you use such a me*n word! This is a forum for young people and you cannot offend or be rude to them! If you say this again, people will flag and try to suspend you!
Don’t say this again!


No, I am not new to Hopscotch. I joined last spring. If you check my profile on Hopscotch, it says “Hopscotchin’ since April 2017”.


Hi @Cocoa_Viola ! Welcome to the forum!


Okay. Cool. So I just don’t know you.


So glad I found you! Also, I want to let you know that you have an art club challenge on Hopscotch. The challenge is #BestOf17.


Ok, I’ll try to do it sometime today


You don’t have a lot of results come out on Wednesday.