Green And Purple Profile Pics!



How do I green-ify my pic?


Ask me or @paydent12 I didn't know you wanted


Can you tell me how to though.


Use a drawing app and put your photo on the drawing area then draw green over it


If you have ProCreate, you can select "Hue, Saturation, Brightness" and change the hue. If you don't have it, I could do it for you.


Nvm I used Sketchbook Express

I don't have ProCreate and sadly, I never will.


Can you post your old Profile Pic? I wanna see how it looks using HSB...



It's not HD so it's not the best. I edited the original.


What'cha think?


I am now participating!
I can greenify, or anyify anything really, profile pics! :D


My mom has procreate... Maybe I should get her iPad and colorify mine properly xD


I personally like mine better because that one looks kinda weird.. Besides, HERMIONE IS NOT SLYTHERIN!!


I wanna stop it but I wanna see what my pic looks like purple now...


Gotta go... The book is waiting for me...


I've read the whole series.. Are you British in Britain @creationsofanoob?


I. Changed. My. Profile. Pic. For. This. I. Am. Also. Using. A lot. Of. Periods. For. Some. Reason. What. Am. I. Doing. I. Don't. Know. Anyways. That's. All.


Then. I. Changed. It. Back. Because. Green. Is. The. Opposite. Of. Purple. And. I. Support. LGBT+. And. Stuff. Also. Because. I. Felt. Like. It. Along. With. Me. Feeling. Like. Using. A lot. Of. Periods.


I changed my pic back because green is the opposite of purple and I support LGBT.


I just changed mine a few minutes ago. Love the idea!


Guys, This Contest Will Be Going On All Week, Ok?