Green And Purple Profile Pics!



I Have A Special Event! As You All Know Cyberbulling Has Been Going On And So I Want To Do A Contest Where People Will Change Their Profile Pics Green To Stop Cyberbulling!


By The Way This Was My Idea, Ok?


Cool! I should make a new profile pic!


Great idea!


Sure! Just Make It Green!




Do you mind if I do green request?


Sure! That's A Awesome Idea!


Okay I drew and im now changing!


Should I greenify my pic?


Sure! If You Want To Stop Cyberbulling!


He it looks like my pic is drenched but I support hey @kiwicute2016 maybe tags for anti cyberbullying?


Sorry, but even though I don't support cyberbullying, I'm not doing title request particularly for the fact that it's a made up event.


@Kiwicute2016 I Think I Have A Profile Pic For You!


Okay its fine I was just wondering


We Are Not Supporting Cyberbulling, We Are Stopping It


She's saying its made up so she wont


Yeah, This Was Made Up Beacause It Was My Idea


Does this count? My profile pic on everything is already this, but my character is wearing a green shirt


I shall do this!... Right now.