@GreekGoddess2468's and @braybraylovesmonkey's General Topic!



Hi guys this is @braybraylovesmonkeys and my gen topic, so have fun!
Mai friends:


I'm here! Btw I can't be on here during science cause I've already missed like, 37 minutes of class.


I agree let's talk later!


Okay, I'll get off this. Literally, I need to get as much info as I can.


Ok bye!


Yo whats up greeky and bray bray
Im learning trigonometry and hungarian!
Milyen volt a Napod


Do you remember this vraion of hopscotch


Yes! Is that the school version?


I still code with this version.


Hello! Wanna talk? I'm bored!


Yes, sure! :slight_smile:


Ok! What do u want to talk about?


Idk. Hopscotch? :slight_smile:




Lol some dude in my class has to write a note to his mom about how he can't sit in a chair cuz he keeps falling out of his chair


No that is the old version before the updates


Hi taco! Wanna talk?


Lol :laughing:


I no it's crazy!!!!!!!!


Have you ever used the old version of Hopscotch?