Great Projects Account Name poll!


Please respond to this poll on what I should call my Great Projects account

  • 579 Awesome Projects
  • Awesomeness579
  • Awesome Projects 2016
  • UptownProjects
  • Something Else (Respond Below)



I think "Hall of projects" or something like that would be cool


Golden projects


I like Hall of Projects. Uptown Projects has 60% of vote. Can someone else create another poll with other options they've thought of?


Uptown funk! I love that name!

  • Legendary Projects
  • Hall of Projects
  • Hopscotchers Hall of Fame
  • All Time Favorites
  • New and Cool!
  • 5-star Projects
  • A-rank Projects
  • Prime Projects (Hee hee "P.P.")


Add new options to this!