Great Outdoors Month Competition!

I’ll try to get a project submitted as quickly as possible. Thanks for the reminder!


I joined really late can I still add a project

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yep you can

oops, i forgot about this. judging will begin asap, @Bobinny and @RoadOcean!


bit late with the judging- sorry guys! here are the results. @roadocean @bobinny
here is what cd1f said:

Roadocean: I liked how you made fire and it didn’t stopped and the sounds, maybe add a diifferent kind of shape that matches fire and maybe add realistic woods too. Overall it was great, I rate it 39/50

Bobinny: I liked how it made the tree n the sounds, maybe add more leaves and maybe it thicker. Overall it was great, I rate it 36/50.

and here is what i said:
bobinny: I really liked the way of used clones for the trunk and branches. I see all the effort put in with the only using one text object- I’m impressed. Could have added a background or more details, but good overall, so I give it a 35/50.

roadocean: I like how there were different shapes for the fire except a little more effort could have been put in for the firepit. Fire rises a little high but the colours are aesthetically pleasing to me. The simple background is good because it doesn’t draw your attention away from the main feature, but could’ve added some stars to emphasise the fact that it is at night. I rate it a 37/50.

so, that leaves us with the final results…
In first is Roadocean with a score of 76/100….
and in second is bobinny with a score of 71/100!!

prizes will begin soon.

(boop- @Awesome_E could you please grant roadocean a first place badge and bobinny a second place one- thanks)
(@dogicing please give them both 20 likes)
(if anyone wants to help with spamlikes that would be greatly appreciated.


Done :]

Congrats guys!


Thanks. Congrats @Bobinny. The scores were pretty close


Were there any other participants (third place & participant badges)?

(Granted those badges, btw)


congrats @RoadOcean n @Bobinny!!


@Awesome_E this can be clived now