Greanbeens's general Topik


I am master greanbeen and I am making a hopscotch army of greanbeens bekuz they are yummy things and they r fun 2 cod

we will tak oveer the hopscotch world

make greanbeen projekts in suppurt

you cen join the greanbeens her

and ask meh questions and i will answer and say stuff in teh greanbeen dank languege



I'm wondering who this is...


Hai greenbean!

Sorry, I won't support the greenbean movement (I am like the only one supporting the narwhal movement XD), but good luck!

How moch du u laik greenbeenz?


This calls for le mods but I'm pretty sure @greanbeen doesn't want that

Anyways, green beans with ketchup taste good XD
But I have one question:
Why do you like HS?


Question: who art thou?


I am replying on this account for now XD

they are yummy and I laik 2 roast them on grills



because its absolutely impossible because i am definitly not this character


yes i agree

becuz you can cod meny different things and people r nice to the greanbeen


Oh woah even Frenpai has done this!


yes becuz frenpai is bord

and now frenpai has wifi probs and her bro is yelling at her


People keep forgetting about the blurbs but I don't like all the attention focused on me the blurb

Eneewaiz, hai greanbeen oar laizeelizurd!





Why is the body invalid, I dunno XD

@greanbeen what is your favorite project?


I laik all projects

Becuz I laik to be nice on HS so I laik the projects that are cool


I laik stuf Yaya

Mai bruhter iz eating green beuns fora lunch


Because apparently all-caps means it doesn't count as a word or as words… @system's logic? Or maybe THT/Discourse didn't want people "shouting" at each other?


Sorry @LazyLizard. I just fixed the German grammer error in the title :wink:



I'm testing something Yey


Testing all caps posting?


Yeah. It won't work