Grayed-out reply GUI?


So I have some trouble on the mobile version of the forum, since the GUI that allows you to make posts is grayed out. It doesn't work when you refresh, either.

Have you experienced this on the mobile site?

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Im not sure what you mean.

Also I ran out of likes when liking that post :confounded:


I basically live and breath the mobile version of the forum, what's happening?


Sometimes the pull-up thing that allows you to make posts (this is on the mobile view, not desktop view) just shows up as being completely gray.


Sometimes the reply GUI grays out



I don't get that @MobCraft on my device


Guys who voted: Are you using the mobile view or desktop view?
How to check: Click on the three lines and see if there's an Unread section. If it's there, you're using the mobile view.


I think the reply button is supposed to be grey


No, it's turquoise


It's probably just a glitch.


Yeah, that's why this is in bugs.
I'm on an iPod Touch 5th Gen on iOS 8.


Is it just loading?


I'm in mobile view typing this, and the Reply button is still teal.
Like PopTart said, is it just loading?


But it doesn't ever loads I think