Gray bar after replying?



After a few times of replying on topics, it really irritates me that after each reply there is a gray bar in the bottom of the screen. Because I want to go on and search for other topics. Maybe it's a bug or something, so here's a picture:


Have you tried clicking above it to remove it? Does it ever go away?


You're battery is about to die :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: (Sorry off topic) It's probably a glitch with your Safari for some reason.. 🤔


After 2 minutes or something like that (it can also be 1 minute). And clicking doesn't work:cold_sweat:


Okay I found out it (probably) mostly does that when I reply to a topic made by somebody else. Because it didn't do it this time.


Nope it isn't that either :pensive::pensive:


How old is your iPad? If it's old, it might be buggy


It's an iPad 2 so yeah that could be the problem. :confused::confused:


Yeah, those are really old. I have one, but I'm using my iPad Air which works nicely!


This is weird, I am using an iPad 2 and it's working just fine 🤔


Also @Jootje, do have a lot of room or storage left on your iPad?


Is it supposed to be some sort of glitch?


It is a glitch. :sweat_smile: (20 characters)