Gravity Cube! -- 1 more person needed!


Gravity Cube!

Who remembers Gravity Cube? It was a featured project a made a while ago. I was wondering if anyone would like to help me on a collab for this to create some epic updates! It has been something I've been meaning to do for a while.

The 2 Projects we will base the Projects off of

People who want to join:

User and Pass

Gravity Cube


haha nice try


This post is for ideas and polls and such

Hey, I made this a wiki, so anyone can put in ideas!!


I don't know what that is, but it sounds really cool! I might be able to help ;)


Cool! I'll add you to the list!
Actually, I'll copy the projects first


Okay and okay!!



Ok, posted them on the top post!
Did this show up? I'm experiences some strange wifi bugs..
Yeah, it did


Okay, I'll go see!!

Do you mean your reply? If so, yes ;D


Tell me what you think!

Yeah, the wifi's been acting up and I had to restart my iPad a couple times


They are awesome!! :D

Yeah, my wifi messes up a lot, so I know what's that's like ;o


Thanks! Would you like to join the collab, or be kept posted on updates?


I would like to join and help with it! But I'm kinda busy, so could you tag me whenever there's something I could do? :D


Ok, sounds good! I'll add you to the list


Great!! ;D


Ooh, I love this game!! This could totally become a game changer with more levels. :D

Sorry, I can't join since I have too much stuff going on in real life, but I wish you all good luck!




When are you gonna create the account?


I will do it right now
Tell me when you want the pass

Gravity Cube


Right now I'm kinda doing something... Give me the pass tommorow.


can I habe the pass now ?????



Hidden until you are ready to receive it

Account name:
Gravity Cube

just missed you by a minute..