Graphing Calculator in Hopscotch!


Check out my line graph maker! Just look in the code and insert your equation to draw a line!

Ideas for future updates
Nominations for Featured!

Updated! (I unpublished the old one)


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Your line maker is awesome!:grinning: I made some cool stuff with it.

Welcome to the forum @Gondor_is_lost!:grinning: Feel free to tag me (@) whenever you need help or just want to talk.:slight_smile:


Would you mind if I nominated this for Featured?


Sure! That sounds cool Sweetlina


Lol, I could use this for my math homework.


No, but I just got my first feature two days ago


Is there anything I could change to make it more usable?
@Snoopy @XiaoMiaoMi @Sweetlina @AlohaHawaiiStudios


Each grid square is 50x50 by the way


@Zachyswag check this out


Could you make a GUI?


This might make me sound ■■■■, but what is GUI?


Graphical User Interface

as in images or code to show visuals that can be clicked and do stuff like buttons levers switches sliders keypads so on so forth


Ohh yeah that would be hard, I might try it. Thanks for the advice!


oh and by the way, you cant say that. you know, dum b. yeah, you cant say that. (im not addressing anything with that word)


Oh. I guess im just not used to being filtered for that stuff. Thanks.


I wish there was a set value to text option instead of only value to text, because without that, the GUI would't work. At least not that I know. I'll keep working on it.


Nice Rainart by the way @Steelhooves


thanks (pretty sure it was the gui that caught you)