Graphics: What they do and how they affect the game


This is explanation of how graphics work, how the affect gameplay, and how they are vital to making a solid game.

What do graphics do?

First off, the best graphics (called smooth graphics) are designed to maybe make the game a little slower-but make it seem better running. Smooth graphics are great for projects with lag, just apply them and it will look improved.

How do I apply smooth graphics into my project?

There are quite a few options to make the graphics better. This one is probably the one I use most.

I put it in a Repeat Forever, but that’s not necessary.
Another way to make graphics look better is the Fade Effect. This fades an object in or out. Example here.

This may cut back the speed of the game, but the result is an amazingly smooth looking project.
Here is a side by side comparison of two objects-one performing smooth Code and the other not.
This is just invisibility percent.
Another comparison with a WIP and a featured project of mine. (Feature, not good graphics) (WIP, good graphics)

Which one is better?

  • Feature
  • WIP

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Disclaimer: Only the tutorial and shop work in the WIP

Is making smooth graphics hard?

No. It’s quite easy actually. The hard part is finding what fits your needs. I use it quite often when I have a lot of clones. It’s basically just slowing the game down a bit, but making it look good at the same time.


It could be. It loads for me


(You’ve improved since Castle Defender, the wip is better lol)

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I cringe at Castle Defender


I cringe at the “kawaii” lemon


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Everyone says the WIP is better because of the graphics.