Grammar school of Hopscotch!


I'm making a Grammar school of Hopscotch! Since there isn't very good grammar on Hopscotch, I will help you have better grammar! All you have to do is fill the form out!


Hopscotch Username:
Why do you want to join?
Will you be available?

Here is the schedule for the week.
Sunday: you get this day off. It's a day of rest. I'll just give the test results!
Monday: Homework is due every day this week unless I say other.
Tuesday: This will be a lesson day. You will have lessons at 3:00 to 3:30 EST. if you live somewhere other than EST. please inform me.
Wednesday: Homework assignments will be given out on this day, unless I say other.
Thursday: Another lesson, or some situations.
Friday: The student who does best the past week gets to choose what to do today!
Saturday: Test day. You will be handed out tests. No cheating or copying!

Here is an example:

Homework assignment!

This weeks homework assignment is periods. Periods are very important in the human language. Without them, you wouldn't know where a sentence starts and ends!
A rule of language: Every time you put a period, do two spaces then type a capital letter. That's the only time you use caps unless you are stating a proper noun. Like:
James happily went to school. He was very exited to go to Jacob Thompson High. (Don't worry, I don't think that is a school)

Your job:

Write 2 paragraphs with periods and capitals. Make it flow.

There are two more student spots left.





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Wow did you see my sin and cos topic xD


What? I looked there, but this is off-topic. :wink:.


No like half an hour ago the topic talked about grammer and I got tagged xD


Weird. Now, do you want to join?


No thanks :l

Sorry if I sound mean ^^

But I like the cause so we can stop the bad grammer :smiley:


Can I just mention that this is a terrific idea! Good job in creating this @tankt2016!


@KVJ, the anonymous liker! A.K.A Komplettverrücktjunge. I saw you spam like the topic! XD :smirk:





Do you want to join?


Can I be a teacher? I'm one of the best students in my class at ELA, or at least I was, now it's summer! :stuck_out_tongue:


Okay, you can help me teach! You will be the only other teacher. I'll make my posts editable so you can edit it.


Speaking of grammar...

It should be like this:

If you live somewhere other than the EST time zone, please inform me.


Wow, good job correcting that! XD



I think I'm especially good cause I'm like OCD, lol.


Okay, now we just need students! XD
What is a teacher with no students?
Well, definitely not a teacher! Could be anything else!


Students students! Read all about it on the first post!


Hopscotch Username: Kitkat26​:joy::purple_heart:
Why do you want to join? I need better grammar so spell check doesn't correct me every time.
Will you be available? Most of the time.


Also, is that homework assignment real?


Hopscotch username- ella_13 and ella_13​:soccer:
Why- cause I like grammar.
Will you be available- most of the time and I live in Massachusetts which I think is EST

  • I can be a teacher if I need extra teachers. I'm pretty good at grammar and I like helping

HW- Ella is going to sleep away camp for four weeks. Very famous people have gone there.