Gradient silhouette profile pics (free ones here)


I was just playing around with an idea quickly so I did this profile pic using Bird:

You are most welcome to use it for whatever reason (I tried it as a forum avatar but I wasn't quite used to it so yeah hehe)

The background is just a smooth background that can be coded in Hopscotch (but I just put the same code in Codea just so it loads faster).

I was initially going to have a plain silhouette but Photoshop has a gradient tool for very easily making gradients so I did that. More on character silhouettes here.

Would anyone be interested in avatars for other characters? :smiley: if it's just a few, I can sure do them, if it's more, I might see if I can let you do it yourself too :o e.g. I think a basic project could be made for this :thinking:

in response to @NindroidGames

:joy: this was the topic, 'well-written' actually should mean it's easy for more people to understand... which means I dont write very well XD

Hopscotch editor in simplified graphics

I just had an idea on maybe a possible way to make something similar to this in Hopscotch...(obviously not as good)

Also, may you do one as Sloth?



Oooh yes sure! What colours for the background?


Hmmmmm.... how about gold and something else that looks good with that. :smiley:


just as a quick first draft for looking at the background colours,

I think thats a bit too orange and muted, isn't it :thinking: let me know if you want it brighter/paler/duller etc

if only this project could be used without needing the app:

^adjusting the sliders is all it takes


Yeah, a little paler sounds good, matey. :smiley:


That looks awesome @t1_hopscotch


I think I did a slightly alternate shade of gold (let me know if you want it brighter/more yellow or orange/etc again :smiley:)

I actually quite liked making that, I think I might have a go at another one

I wasn't sure whether to keep the face fill in (it seemed a little bit too much detail) but you can have a look here:

I did another one for Miss Chief

...but it doesn't feel quite right to me..I wasn't sure where to simplify hehe


yeah idk...
it doesn't feel quite right still so I will keep it in here :stuck_out_tongue:

another edit...

and here is another one for Octo

these reminded me a little of the Hopscotch t-shirt designs so I went and looked :)) — they have more outlines to split parts

these were also partially inspired by some Sonic the Hedgehog wallpapers that I saw


All the shading on your pics looks great.


these are all free to use for whatever

thanks @MR.GAM3R and @Stradyvarious :relaxed::blush:
and thank you @RubyWolf1 and @GinnyPotterFry :upside_down:


They look super cool!


Ya you're right they are cool


making another one for Cupcake

these are fairly easy to make, just using Magic Wand to select regions in Photoshop, then using Gradient tool

edit: here's the one for Cupcake...doesn't feel right either :joy:

(following the colours for the avatar backgrounds in older Hopscotch versions) Cupcake's, Bird's and Miss Chief's are all similar though... it's quick to change, just need to specify colours.

I think the ones that capture more of the feel I was going for with these are Bird's, Sloth's and Octo's

I think I'll leave these for now. (I was going to ask for more requests, but sorry about that D:)


Awesome! Thanks!


Wow! These are really cool! Would you mind doing one for raccoon?


This gives me an idea....
A game where bird's dream is invaded by nightmares and you need to find out why.
Could you do this exact same character but with a transparent background? You will credited in the game.


Can you do a bear plz?!


This is terrible background removing but here you go.


No I ment transparent background as in the background doesn't show up when you use it.