GraciousPolkaDot: a collab account: No more people right now



I'm on! Hello! :D

Was there something you wanted to talk about?


l liek ur new profile pic
I'll go now


Thank you! :D

Bye (?)


yeah actually!
im considering creating a game where you're a powerful dragon attempting to remove humans from existence and reign down as king of the earth
i think it'll be a pretty big project, and i wanted to get everyone's attention before actually starting it!


That sounds really cool!

I'd definitely help you with it. :00


thanks berryfox! not gonna start it right now, but maybe later today!
btw what's a good name for it?


No problem!

Hmm, I'm not sure. I'll think about it and get back to you! :DD




Someone broke the (CLASSIFIED NAME CAR GAME), they changed miles to win to miles per hour.
This completely breaks the game as you can win by staying on the grass


that sucׄks! i'll attempt to locate the coordinates of both ends of the road, and make a prevention to go on the grass using check if else blocks.


I’m making new stuff
Let’s try this again


Wow from loooonnnggg ago!!!




Eh I completely forgot about this

Can you take me out


Just forget the password