GraciousPolkaDot: a collab account: No more people right now



I may accept you and @Currency5097193 later on


But you guys have 11 people and you said you'd only be accepting ten ;(


Things happened


Can you accept me soon I wanna join real bad


Did you do it


Nope, haven't been on sense yesterday




im working on road rage quite consistently. i made it so the rage meter is better, and i also made it so the timer goes faster after every car you hit
@waddlemarco @NeoPixel


Good job, man. I'm going to work on the rage level. @Houseelf87 we're working on it.



Hey @NeoPixel
Waaassssuuuuupppp dude?


also i added a functional second car.
get to work on the last cutscene asap


What? I did the exact same thing!


@TACOCODE sorry, but you can't join right now. artistic cat isn't accepting any more people. :frowning:


Yes I'm on! I logged in to the account on two devices


@TACOCODE, @Aether, and @Currency5097193
You guys are on hold, that means when I accept more people you get in right away


please start working on road rage a bit more! the "miles to win" feature needs a bit of fixing, and start working on the ending cutscene i talked about a bit earlier.


Who ever is working on road rage, please add a how-to! Because it is kinda hard to figure out how to play it....


@Houseelf87 working on it right now


anyone on?