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tbh i take that post back
i fear that not everyone would know to put a "when 7 = 7 set position to blank - scroll2" block


I absolutely agree, RPs don't use advanced coding now, but you can improve somehow... but I anyways won't do it - to talk, here's the forum. :slight_smile:


RPs are fun to read and stuff, but they really need to somehow involve code...


I can't change anything, I hate RPs. XD


maybe some roleplays could be like a coded movie. everyone could add their parts in a specific order, and all of the sections would be carefully planned out with all of the x/y positions and wait blocks.


Wow, that's a very cool idea! :0


its not my idea.
tons of people have recommended it.


@NeoPixel i have a really good idea for road rage!
it should be a subway-surfers type thing, but instead of swiping, you need to just drag up and down. there will be 2 cars, and both of them will automatically go in randomly generated paths. their speeds will both start off as 100
if the car bumps into either one of the other cars, the other cars will gain 20 speed and create an effect that looks like the main car is slowing down.
once the other cars reach 380 speed, they begin to slowly gain speed until their speed is 400. once it gets to 400 speed, it pauses for 1.5 seconds and goes to a cutscene.
here's how i think the cutscene should go.
the guy's face transitions to :rage: and he says "i better check the time". he checks the time, only to find out that it's already 2:00
the guys expression changes from :angry: to :confused: to :cry: and then :sob: in a matter of 5 seconds with no dialog
he looks at his gas
"WHAT? it's empty already? how in the world?"
cuts to a quick credits screen with all of the members of gpd, neopixel being at the top


Nice! I love that idea!


thanks neopixel
i also changed up road rage a bit so the road is a darker shade of black, the steamroller doesn't draw the road itself, and it actually flings and disappears right when it hits the main car. (in the game before i updated it, the steamroller went halfway through the car and then flung itself and disappeared.)


I'm working on the M.W.L


okay then


It is going to be a game with multiple games, like the Egypt game on featured


I want to join!
Do you code:Yes
Do you draw:No
Do you RP:No
Will you discourage people:No
Will you be nice:Yes


Great idea!
(yes I know not really XD)
But lets let others know about this




That happens when two people are on....


not on hopscotch too much
Of course not


The other changes I made were still there
Come on


Please, no more people right now