GraciousPolkaDot: a collab account: No more people right now



Gives meh the password.



I is part of GPD too.


Yes! I'm still here. :)


Alright, thanks! I'll test it right now (and tell you if I get in). :D


Sounds good!!!


I'm in. Thanks for password.


Np :3

Now a couple of things!

  1. No RPing, but you can suggest new ways to RP with code involved
  2. Art is fully accepted on this account, though I would like for us to use are own pad, if you don't that's fine still
  3. Put effort into all of you projects please


So can you add stuff to other people's projects (on the account)?
Will we make a awesome, big project?


I want to make a big project yes:3


The password changed! Who did it?
Edit: It changed back


It can't change...


I added something to road rage


Moi! Wait GTG, Homework ;-;


Oh @Hitokage when you get back on I'll give you the password


That will be so cool :DD


im working on the milky way launch a bit. i made it so in the credits screen it included all of the members in gpd, and i'm making the version history its own category.
(also i plan to actually work on the game itself a bit)


also @waddlemarco what's the main gameplay concept of 'the milky way launch'? i can't change the gameplay itself until i know what it is, and i really want to help you out with making it!


is it okay if i make the talking page scrollable?


Yes of course