GraciousPolkaDot: a collab account: No more people right now



we'll create a project on the graciouspolkadot account that all of the members can talk on




ok whats the pass


nothing there






Yes yes yes!
Do you code: yeah
Do you draw: yeah
Do you RP: nope
Will you discourage people: nope!
Will you be nice: yep!


Yay, Ruby joined! :smiley:




What's the password artsy


OK DELEte that artsy


also i have another idea
let's have each member have a different text color to use on the talking page.
the 'set color' block will be put into a custom ability block. that same custom ability block will have the same name as the person using that color.
also put a 'set size 50' block in all of the custom abilities


Umm.. On the talking page, this is coming when I'm trying to loAd it-

I have that much of wifi just now.


thats strange


Good idea!!!


I would love to, but I'm way to busy, sorry artsy ;0


That's ok lolly :3


I might join it in a few weeks or so tho ;3


Ok lolly!
You'll always be welcome :3


Thanks artsy ;3 :3 ;D