GraciousPolkaDot: a collab account: No more people right now



K what's the user?!


For now GraciousPolkaDot


Well the post can't be empty :crayon::crayon::crayon::crayon::crayon::crayon::crayon::crayon::crayon::crayon::crayon::crayon:

  1. YUS
  2. YUS
  3. I try but fail:3
  4. NU!
  5. YUS, of course!


What is the password?


I logged in @Artistic_cat


That's great!!!
What should we make?



How to get accepted:
Fill out this form honestly

Do you code: yes
Do you draw:not a lot
Do you RP:no
Will you discourage people:no way!
Will you be nice:yes!



Okey fren, I got it, please delete that post :slight_smile:


Done :3
Any ideas on what we should make?


I have them! I will realize my best ideas on my acc DMFgames, and other good ideas - in GPD account :slight_smile:


(I think if we where to post drawings we should have are own drawing pad so we limit remixes)


No problem! I can make an innovative clone HSB pad... do you like this idea? XD


I like that idea @DMF


imo there should be a talking page for all of the members to discuss the current project they are making, or maybe future projects
(.:)/(.)/.../.:)ΦΉ (.)/(..)/.:


Thanks :slight_smile:


Np fren :3


We can talk here?