GraciousPolkaDot: a collab account: No more people right now



So guys for awhile I've been wanting to have a semi-big collab account!
(And yes I know what happend with WJB)
I want this collab account to be about hopscotch itself, a community!
I will be accepting 10 or so people into this collab
And if you have any questions let me know :3

Name, info, and more
The name of this collab is going to be (I'll tell you later)
I would like this collab to represent hopscotch with things like, coding, art, tips on how to add more code into RPs,
I want the people in this collab to understand what hopscotch really is: Creativity

How to get accepted:
Fill out this form honestly

Do you code:
Do you draw:
Do you RP:
Will you discourage people:
Will you be nice:


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And I won't be that active maybe like 3 days a week


Okie :3
You are accepted :3
I will tell you the password later


How will you tell me the password?!


Post can't be empty.
Post must be at least twenty characters


A good way to share a password on HS is making new account saying its you and make the username the password. That's what I did for DragonsONLYClub, it's a extremely hard to hаcк.


Sorry for the late reply
But when your ready for it I make a post with the password hidden in it
Then when you like it I delete tHe post




Would you like to join :sweat_smile:


Oh, ok
I hope things start to look up soon :3


Me need pass too.


Ok, I just want to be sure on the name
Any ideas?


Also tagging people that may want to join


I'm just going to do this collab for fun :D


Yey @MiNi is joining


Ok :D
(I was messing around with the name randomizers And it came up with



What about XDhotdog or lolqueens


When do I get the password


I have to go eat dinner now bye!


Bye :D