Got_this_Glow’s Recreate the Image Coding Contest!



Hi HS Forum!
@Got_This_Glow here!
I’ve seen heaps of coding contests here on the forum, so I came up with one I think NO ONE ELSE has done!

So here is some

Basic Information

This contest is when on Hopscotch your recreate the scene, or photo.

Here are the

  • You have to read the rules
  • No using images in your coding
  • You CAN use the new ‘drawing’ thingy

Here are some


A request from Fearless Phoenix (Everyone)
Spamlike on the forum and Hopscotch (Everyone)
A featured of the winning project and a harder request from @FearlessPhoenix

Here are the people doing


I will let more people join if anyone asks

Please join!
More info to come!


I’d like to join! It sounds fun!


Thanks! The Photo/Image will come out when I have around 5ish people joined!


I can invite some people if you want.


Yes please that would be really nice of you!
I have to go, I’ll be on tomorrow though!


I’ll do this, why not? @FearlessFriends, y’all should too.

@Got_This_Glow, If you want, I can give the winners a request from me, spamlikes, shoutouts, spamlikes on Hopscotch and basically anything, really.


I’ll join! This sounds like lots of fun!


I’d like to try this, but I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to get a project finished in time. Is it okay if I join anyway?


I’ll join! And why don’t you ask the @hopscotch-curators to feature the winning project? They’re doing it again!


I’ll join.


So does everyone have to recreate the same image? Or do we find our own images to recreate?


I would really like to join this contest!


If this is the case, I’m in. I’ll hopefully have time to finish.


@Got_This_Glow would you like us to?


It’s all the same image!


I’ll join.


That would be amazing! Thanks @hopscotch-curators


That’s great!


Time to start this contest!

Just a little note, sorry I’ve not been on, I’ve been sick and had not much time to be on!

Ok here is your image you have to create

Now I know it is a beautiful photo, and that it will be hard to recreate. I don’t expect anything as beautiful as the photo, but I want something to make your project stand out from the rest!

Your time to finish this contest is from October 31, 2018 1:00 PMNovember 24, 2018 1:00 AM
I will be judging the week after the day you must hand in your projects.

To enter you must have read the rules and if you brake them you are out of the contest.

Please post your entry on this topic as a link to your project!

Can’t wait to see your entries!


Wow. That will be a challenge. But thank you for giving us plenty of time to finish it!