Gorilla RPG Help! OfficialHopscotchRemixer


We need help with the Aligator AI, some things to note:
1.I want it to bounce off the gorilla
2.Slow down the speed
3.When it hits a wall it turns around
You will be given credit if you fix this. Just remix it with your changes.


Our username is actually OfficialHopscotchRemixer not HopscotchRemixer


Would you like the alligator to point towards the gorilla, then move forward? I can try that out. :)


Yes please! I would like it to be a full AI.


I'll work on it.
Also, have I unfollowed you? Or have you stopped publishing?


Ok. Because you want it to be a

, I need more info.

Do you want the alligator to know the best things, or to learn?
What do you want the alligator to avoid?
What is the purpose?
What controls will the player have, and what is the player?
May you describe what you want in more detail?


Well, I guess not a "full" AI but I want it to adapt to the gorilla entering the room when Room=2 also, when gorilla shoots a fireball, he will try to dodge it.


I don't really need him to learn or know how to defeat the gorilla like a pro I want him to be pretty easy for the first enemy in the game.


Ok. So the gorilla is the character?


Yes and the alligator is an enemy


Ok. Once I finish the large coffee cup, I'll work on it.


Here's a not very smart version. Just mess with the values in the set, check, and change x by blocks to change it.

It shou,d be easy to defeat.

Gorilla doesn't visually flip, but does face left.


Ok, cool! I will definitely make sure to give credit. If you need any of my help just ask(although I doubt it since you are expierenced)!

Need help with code? Come here!

Ok. I will. Right now, all the complex things I have planned I have worked out a possible way to do. I haven't tested it yet.

I have two. But they are secret.


I just tested it and changed some things. I published it to so people can try it.


I'll check it out.


I have asked Valgo to help a little too.


Hey, @Petrichor I need an AI for a bird enemy? Can you please help?