Google in hospcotch



My friend ikeyskywalker is making Google in hopscotch that actually searches!!!
Also if you want, ask me to tell ikeyskywalker a request of what to search.


A request is Google, so you can google Google in Google in Hopscotch.


Here's a little sneak peak at my friends Google in hopscotch


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I'm sorry my friend doesn't want to do that


He may put 1 or 2 Easter eggs


That's fine with me.


My friend is thinking of either doing @magmaPOP or @OrangeScent1 in his Google in hopscotch but he doesn't know right now so here's a poll

  • magmaPOP

  • OrangeScent



Yay I'm in the Internet :laughing:


I think it would be a great idea to add a definition of hopscotch in your opinion :slightly_smiling:


ok I told him and he said he will make a definition of hopscotch in his Google in hospcotch


Sounds great! He should also put himself in there :wink:


Do friendship studios (me) and lotsapizza and orangescent1 and how much stuff can you stuff in a stuffy till your stuffy's stuffed enough stuff?


@Gavins_Games He did already


@friendship2468 I'll tell him soon


@OrangeScent1 sorry if you thought I meant actual Google I meant to say my friends Google in hospcotch


I know, I was joking :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh ok


You were stuck-out-tongue-joking?! That's a really serious type of joking!

But it does seem cool, though. I saw something like this (but with cats) on Scratch


I am his friend and version 1.0 of google is out on hopscotch to play to find searches search searches :slightly_smiling: