Google Forms Issue



Hi everyone!

I hope you all are having a great time! There is one thing I would like to mention here.

Google forms asking for ratings of yourself are not allowed anymore. :frowning:
Yes, they do give cool and awesome feedback, but some people are abusing the anonymity of the forms and post mean and rude things. We have all watched feelings get hurt. If you would like to apologize, now would be the time. It feels much better afterwards! We don’t want a sad community, but a happy one instead! :smile:

Don’t worry about how other people think about you! As long as you think you’re doing well, you’re good! And even if you don’t think you’re doing well, I know that you are! :slight_smile:

If you are asking questions, for instance, how Hopscotch can be improved, that’s fine! Remember, the forums are for spreading ideas and helping others!

I would like people to remove the “Rate Me” forms and if new ones are created, they will be deleted by a mod. This is not a punishment to the creator, but to those who posted rude and inappropriate things.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!

-Madi-'s Poll Topic! NEW SURVEY!
Feedback on Nachy!

All so true, from personal experience. :disappointed_relieved:


That's who didn't make them! I know it can be totally anonymous, which isn't good for the trolls.

Thanks for this topic! It'll keep everyone safe, from the trolls!


How come you still have the size font?

[size=5]Doesn't work for me.[/size]
And good job. I didn't like the forms either.


Very true @Kiwicute2016!
I'm glad this was made :wink:


Some feedback was awesome! I always including a reminder to be nice, but some were just trolls. So I wished them a happy Easter and went off on my own. @Fun_in_the_Sun, I think, had an idea about typing in a key word on the form and then typing it in on a reply. It did help people stop impersonating!


I quoted, she used a different thing. It's <small>.


Sorry, out of likes, but thanks!
Cool, big font! Discourse changed it.
Medium font. Cool!
Now, BOT.


Can you explain what your saying to me? Is what you are saying good or bad?


I think you made a form where you typed in a keyword on there and then on the forum. I think!


I think forms should be allowed if there is a option to add usernames!


Yeah, I think I did that form.


People can lie about their identities which would be even worse.


I liked that idea! I should've used it!


@Kiwicute2016 Can you edit out SGS's and mine on the topic (somewhere)? Thanks!


A keyword in the form prevents that from happening. Just type in a word and then type it in on the forum!


yay! I liked the idea of forms, but I've seen some peoples feelings get hurt, which makes me feel sad. ;-;

I'm pretty glad they are gone, I didn't like watching people feel sad.


Is it okay if it for thing like a collaboration?


Yeah! I totally get that... Someone said something rude about another Hopscotcher on one of mine (not telling who though so no feelings get hurt)


Could you be more specific?