Google docs question


So back in July, we were allowed to use google docs. I used it to talk with @Pingu, and some other people.

In iOS 10, Apple added the feature to be like google docs, but instead in the notes app. Basically, Apple docs. You give people a link, and they can respond, and edit the document as they like.

I was wondering if this was allowed @Liza @Rodrigo @Montoya @Meg @Asha @awesomeonion @thomas


I think it counts as communication outside the forum, and it's not monitored.


it is still communication outside of the forums or Hopscotch. So no. Unless you were to bypass some weird thing.


We were allowed to do google docs though.

And it can be monitored, since the staff can click the link and see what you're doing.

It's a good way to share passwords in collabs.


That's way more effort for the staff though. They're a busy team.

Plus, doesn't it share some kind of personal information?


Maybe the staff could test it and verify if it does first.


I think they tested it and didn't allow us I know why they don't let us now


Were. That changed

Google docs is monitered as well. Besides, there aren't enough people to monitor it full time


We are no longer allowed because of an incident. Many bad things can happen with this info. A user got hacked and strange emails with links that contained viruses. So much info exposed and so much can happen.

Anyways, how about staying open to the forum? People can benifit from your ideas!! :D


No, I am pretty sure this still shows the email address of the people who join. Also, how do you copy the link? When I tap on "Copy Link" it tells me to add people


Don't we all have "hopscotch" emails?


No, not everyone does. I got my hopscotch email quite recently. Besides, having Hopscotch emails doesn't matter in this case because you can still send emails and communicate outside the forums


I don't have one. I only have a personal one




The key word is "were".