Goodbye see you never


School's here I lost my interest in coding friendship was banned too strictly in my opinion


Inb4 nobody reads this


;-; I'm going to miss you A TON no joke ;-; gudbye then ;-;


Well thanks I guess

But still, why 8 years?! She will have 0 interest in this forum by then. Why not just a few months LOL


Because she has been warned about it, suspended about, before.
And as she continued to do it it's unsafe for her and other hops, so they had to ban her ;-;

We shouldn't really talk about it tho :)


will miss u..
want to change ur mind but prob wont work :frowning:
remember dont look for hapiness create it (just a qoute i use alot XD) :wink:


It's ok. But in no offense I just wanted to know what you would've done


I don't get what you mean but I mean that how long friendship's ban is makes me salty because of one of my other posts. And school started today. And I lost interest in codig


Aw, OK. Ill miss you so much! You are an amazing person!




wait ur banned??????
whatever for???


I wasn't banned


oh then who is i am seeing the word banned alot XD im confused??


I was talking about @friendship2468's ban

#15 thats why she/he left??


No, I'm the one leaving because friendship2468 was my friend


oh frined
@Madlipsgirl left for 9 months but came back...
plz dont leave


I lost interest in coding also so I think I'm also quitting hopscotch forever


oh ok...well have a good life then !! maybe some other day u may come back! :slight_smile: will miss u


Thank you!


Gude luck with laif!:wink: