Goodbye. (please read)



(NOTICE: I'm not doing this for popularity. I mean it.)

I thought I can stay. Turns out I can't. I am more busy than ever and have 20% time to even make a project or go on the forum. So I think it's easier to only post every once in a while so I don't loose Regular.

I will miss hanging around here, but some of this "busy stuff" is more fun than coding and the forum.

So, Goodbye. See you in my new forum schedule (aka posting a few times in a few days)


Bye bye! Hope I see you hopscotching :wink:


We will miss you what about in the summer?


Awww Noo!!!
You will be deeply missed.


We will miss you I understand how you feel. I'm not going to be on for a while


I will try to be on for most of the summer, but I will still have the same schedule as I do now because of summer camp.



I will miss you so much ;-;


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Please notice I will stay on this topic until Monday.


Bye bye then... :frowning:
I hope you can eventually come on as much as you used to.