Goodbye... Look in topic for info



Well, Goodbye.
For now.
Well, this is only for five days.
You thought I was leaving? Nope! :D
I'm leavin.g Monday-Friday because I'm going to a summer camp.


Yes .-.

Well that was, ok xD


Have fun! c:

I'm out of likes ;-;

I thought you were leaving also ;-;


Bye! :D
See you later!
Have a awesome time while you're away!


Have fun!
Bye :D



Use the heart :wink:


Wow?! 9 likes already? Thanks!



Yeah but I'm too lazy to type it XD

Here's a 'c:' heart instead @Fun_in_the_Sun :D



types a lot more words and complex sizes


I'm too lazy to go into settings and redownload the emoji keyboard because my cousins deleted it for no reason because they're younger :0

Logic XD



Oh well XD

It's my lack of breakfast again XD

I don't feel smart today XD



How dare u scare me like that ;-; jk lol

But seriously, that scared me. ;-;

Goodbye, for a little while.

Have fun at the summer camp! :D


Have fun at summer camp!


Ha! You got me! Try not to glad up the forum too much with goodbyes, I think I'll make for that....


"Cwick dat" XD That's the smartest thing ever said in the universe. :o


sometimes, I feel like being a cat.