Goodbye liza, bye liza



me too violet! Uber cool if I saw sow myself


I read some older threads and there were those things about leaders. I have absolutely zilch idea about what was going on and what went on in that puddle of confusion.


leaders were just sad interns that only lasted a year bc one of them suspended someone for saying color is the right way to write colour and tht realized that if ur gonna let kids moderate a forum u probably have to moderate the kids and thats too much for them


u were good leader tho :((


Still puzzled here but not as before.

I learned about the leaders’ abilities and what they did a while ago when I browsed the old posts. It seems like a fun time back then. The good thing about joining a forum that has been a few years old is that I can read the old threads and learn about its past and changes throughout.


Oh, wow. When was that?


Goodbye @Lisa see you around


It’s not like anything is going to change


Oh it will be so different
very drastic changes are taking place


Oh. I missed the “frm”…

That is so sad though! She is one of the founders (I believe) and she has done so much for the community! @Liza, if you read this, I want to thank you for everything that you have done for Hopscotch and wish you good luck with other projects.


Hey, yeah, I’m sorry to say this, but Liza left. It’s really lovely to see how much you guys love her and I will send her all your kind words and wishes.

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Well ok, good luck to her.


aw Liza was so nice when I met her irl we’ll miss u


My life has no meaning now that liza is gone


insert me actually playing sad violin


omg no whattt :frowning:


wow this is so sad

like if you agree


oh no liza where did u go i am sadness


Ok I know I’m never active anymore and stuff but I can’t believe I’m just now finding out about this. This is so sad Liza was so awesome. First Liza leaves hopscotch and then Reggie leaves Nintendo. Darn this is so sad.


Now @Lisa is the real one