Goodbye liza, bye liza



lizas photo was removed from thts website rip bye liza

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Wait is she leaving? RIP


(I’ve been searching for the GIF I want for this, but still cannot find it)


@Ana, did Liza leave? :cry:



Liza is Ana’s boss.

I think


but there are no peeps who actually moderate the forum. still.
it’s just my opinion please don’t ban me


i realized that, we’ll miss you liza, i remember talking to you, you weRe sO cOOL!


inserts sad violin


If that is the case, it would be so sad! Liza is a really nice person and she has done so much both for the app feature-wise and for the community. However, I can´t find anything else on THT´s or @Liza ´s Twitter. Maybe we should wait for @Ana ´s response on this?


Whhat and she banned me from here now I must use secret methods to escape




Rip. I sort of noticed that a few days ago, and thought “huh, that’s weird.”


Liza’s Twitter bio says she left Hopscotch :persevere:


yas see i told u @tankt2016, @thedrawer told me this like 5 weeks ago i was rite all along @tankt2016


wait check her insta pls BFF prez


I am saying her Twitter bio


can u take a picture tho



me and Liza are now twins! we both like gluten yeet


I’m not so sure what she does. I only joined last year and haven’t been so active.