Goodbye😕... Kinda (READ)



There's something you guys should know

I'll probably be on the forums and hopscotch a lot less for a few reasons.

It's been interfering with my homework

Yup. This is probably the main part of my procrastination. I need to finish a lot of homework, but instead I'm finding the perfect gif for @OrangeScent1's post or something like that.

I've lost the "spark"

When I made a forum account, I thought I was going to help people, not obsessing over who can be the next person to open the drawing topic when @Kiwicute2016 isn't there. Topics nowadays aren't asking or giving advice, they're competitions and collabs, which are cool, but that's not what I'm here for.

I've lost pretty much all support

@Anonymous is going to hate this one
"But SS, Hopscotch isn't about likes, it's about coding!"
But isn't it exciting to find somebody that appreciates you so much as to make a project about you, or finding yourself on tabs that other hopscotchers dream of being on? The amount of likes is just a number, and I can't tell whether people who do like them adore my projects or think they're ok

I'm stuck.

I've been regular for so long, and it hasn't gotten me anywhere. I haven't published anything in a while, and the frequency of when I publish is 20x less than it used to be. I have ideas, I don't have the motivation to work on them.

If I'm not on less, I'll be on a lot more.




One I am not on the list any more two NOOOOO! Please you got on game changers and you made it so far!


I have to agree with the hw and support.
I feel like I've lost all my support... and with NYSE, I'm getting distracted...
I'll miss you though. You're a wonderful part of our community ;-;


It's OK! I am having some major problems on the forums and my parents don't think I spend enough time not on the forums, but I won't go into details for personal reasons. We all need a break at some point!


I totally get it. You are an amazing coder, and I will miss you. But I respect your decision.


I have to agree with the homework part

Nowadays I spend every free minute on the forum. I used to be a straight a student. Now... :grimacing:

See ya around!


I used the one at the top of the topic


See ya around, maybe...


Ok. Bye. See you, never? Or see you maybe.

Two things:

  1. Thank you for liking my projects
  2. You can make this change... that you want...


Just like me... the forums interfere with my Homework. Totally not procrastinating right now on my Homework...


Same with me @SmileyAlyssa...


I agree with the homework part! Maybe take a break and really focus in your school work but if you decide to come back when your ready I'll be happy to see you around!


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I can still give updates on our ketchup wars, everyone.

Not a big change for me, but okay. Your choice. See you tomorrow


But... You're my idol... And if you go...
externally screaming
please, don't go! you're super cool.


@Sparkczy rival school system. We're closer than you think :wink:


I got two notifications of the same thing. O.o
Weird. Ok.


Whenever I hear that, I imagine two principals glaring at each other from opposite sides of the street...I don't know why XD


I remember I used to think of a zebra skateboarding whenever I heard or saw the word skipping.