Goodbye, KatrinaPlays!


Goodbye, everybody.

I figured I might as well leave this forum.
I get off topic with Len when I say I'm not going to, but I lie.
And also, I don't get any replies on my topics, either, so I appear to be uninteresting. And I just don't really help the forum out in any way.

And I also can't make my own disicions, as I keep leaving, then coming back. It's just filling the forum with stuff it doesn't need. I don't really need the big replies.

But see me on The Otaku Club for one last post.

Nothing special about me or this goodbye.
Just stay simple.


Actually, here are some things to say:

I can't imagine me without knowing the forum. It has changed my life from the start. I've met so many nice people, and that has made me more confident with myself. I have had so much fun with you guys, but I can't stay.
I have to get off now.

Signing off.

Last Len pic:

The classic.

Thank you for the wonderful time on this forum.


First Reply!

Goodbye! :sob: We need a funeral.



now I have nobody to talk to :0


*plays song in background *


Please don't leave!

Just TRY to stay on topic!

The forum would be better with you :)


Why do you keep posting and deleting your posts :0


Oh, well, I want to move into one post!!!

And, well, also, um, yeah, comma.

I was rushing the topic because my acquaintance was at my house, and she likes to be nosy.

But thank you guys for the nice posts and stuffs.

That makes me wonder..
Should I come back?
They're encouraging me to...
I should...??

I'm posting a lot for a person that's gone.
Maybe I'm not gone, but I think I am???

I'll stop, I'm confusing myself.

But really, did I just say I left, but I didn't...
Wait! I tricked myself, didn't I!!!
Yeah, probably.


Please stop, me.


Don't go :0

It's ur choice tho but I request u DUN GO


*cries over song


Don't LEAVE!...
PLEASE don't....!!!


Don't leave!
Keep trying!!



If you want to cry again.

Her voice, though...
That's what made me cry.


Okay, guys....

Even though this is the same day I said I would leave...

You guys are so nice to ask me to come back, I never felt so welcome at anywhere before!
I am returning!!!

I will use this topic if I do leave in years.
Probably won't though XD


Veari positive sowng


Yeps, I am going to say that for a week now.



I seriously see the relationship



Gr8 decision:D


Why....don't be so negative about ur self.....


Just forget about all the problems you had before! The past is in the past! Let it go!


Don't leave us!!!!!!!!!!!