Goodbye... I'm making games with scratch now


Goodbye Hops!
I am going to make games and stories with Scratch now, Scratch is also coding! It's got much better blocks of code, and you should Try Scratch now!
Because I did not get much experience on the app with the blocks of code, I decided to leave FOREVER.


Well thats to bad but have fun making stuff on scratch! Bye!


I respect that decision. Enjoy coding on Scratch!!


Your choice. I understand. Personally, I disagree though.


Bye, you'll be missed! Have fun!


I do scratch too but I don't code much anymore
I'm friendship2468 there btw


i quit dat
i might come back doe
leik drawception or plotagon...
but maybe not


Does it work thru your web browser? iPad compatible?


web. nu ipad :c


I find Scratch pretty interesting. Anyways, have fun using Scratch!


umm..... ok?

I have 100 followers on scratch and making a game thats taking forever.... But have fun!


There is this app called Puffin Browser that allows you to use Flash on an iPad. However, it's not really as good as just using a computer.


@Kiwicute2016 are we allowed to share scratch accounts?


I think It'd count as communicating outside the forum which isn't safe :frowning:


But you can't.

Wow no offense but is this how strict it is?


Idk. I'm not a Scratcher lol. @Kiwicute2016 might be able to explain


I respect your decision.

Even though I don't really like scratch.


Ok, enjoy scratch! :smile:
You can find me on there my username is Delia-Mathilde245!


I am on scratch as well. P.S I respect your decision.


Anyways,can we play scratch on an iPad or does it have to be in computer?