Goodbye, Hopscotch


R u leaving to?


Bye, you're cool.
making long heartfelt goodbyes make me feel awkward and stress me out sorry>


Oh my gosh, Gilly, I'm speechless.

I should have gotten to know you better. You're an amazing person, and wondertastic! Your projects are inspiring and beautiful, your personality is kind and caring, we'll miss you.

I'm sorry. I never took the time to get to know you, and I'd bet if I did I'd have a lot more to say. You are amazing, Gilly, you really are. I'm so sorry. ;-;

You were an awesome leader, a great friend, and a wondertastic coder.

Goodbye, Gilly,
You'll never be forgotten
senpai I'll miss you, have a wondertastic life. ;n;


Well get to it your the last one and usually I'm the last one but noooOOoOOooOoO this time it's youUUuuUuUuUUU



Ever since I came on the forum the first thing I saw was a guy named Gibert. I was wondering who is this person. Then after a while I relized you were the cool kids. The AWEOSME kid. The kid that everyone wants to hang out with. Then o relized II have no chance talking to this guy. After a while you talked to me! AHHHHHH! I thought this will never happened but it did! You made me feel like I was one of you guys. You are the one that made me feel comfortable and I was very thankful for that. After a while you became leader. That made me feel happy because you deserve it. Then you talked to me again which was crazy! Then I got used to the sensation when you talked to me. And now you are leaving. I will miss you a lot. I just hope your remember me. I will miss you! See you around sometime! :smiley:


Found this in one of @Gilbert189's "I'm leaving" projects

:cry: I replied....


Well I have one thing to be happy about

I was first like on senpai's leaving topic aka this topic yes #goals



Ill miss you.... even tho I barley talked to you tho....

Have a good life outside hopscotch ;)


What do you mean it was your fault?


And, I forgot to say. With all my heart, I appreciate you leading a collab for me. When you said you were going to help with it, it just really touched me that you guys would actually do something like that for me XD

Someday, I'm going to gather up my courage and make my own collaboration for you, Gilbert. And all of the others.


We never finished it, but if you want, look through that topic. I'm just not a great collab leader, but there are some awesome things in there.


I hope you like my weird awkward speech!


Yes, you are. Don't doubt yourself.

Thank you, thanks a lot for everything you've done for me. You've made my Hopscotch and forum 'carreer' way more brighter.

I need to leave now, this 'nocturnal owl' still has to go to sleep early. XD


All of these goodbye topics made me think of the lyric "a compressed goodbye song" from the disappearance of hatsune miku

here it is cause I'm a nurd


Bai senapi! Ill miss you so much! You were are always will be one of my role models! Have a great life!


What?! N... n... NO!! I mean, I you really want to... I'll miss you... :cry:


Oh wow, Gilbert...

I remember officially being actual friends with you, like, when... last week? And now you're leaving.

Welp, see ya. It was nice knowing you, even for a week :slight_smile:


Bai Gilburrito!:burrito::burrito::burrito::burrito::burrito:


Bai :sob:
See you never


By gilberitto I will miss u forever lol I'm going too! Anyways miss u still cya