Goodbye from Puppylulu



I might never be on the hopscotch app again! On my school iPad hopscotch was deleted! I will still be on the forum though. I might still be on there but, only on the iPhone. This is really hard to say goodbye to the hopscotch app. I feel so sad...:disappointed:


My hopscotch was deleted from my school iPad too :000


Did you delete it? My district deleted it.... :sob:


I'm so sorry to hear this! D=
Try asking your teacher to re-install Hopscotch. Say that it's an amazing coding app, and you have learned a lot from it :D


I can't my whole school district deleted it. We have our own school district App Store and they deleted from there too!


No, I would never delete hopscotch. The school deleted it from self service and my self service won't work :0


So sad I want to cry for everyone who has lost hopscotch...


Why would they do that? O-o


I think my school deleted it because kids were playing it during class


I don't know why they would ever do it I so sad...


At least I still have the forum. Always look on the bright side.


That is really sad, they might also delete it because they do not want kids to have fun...


But then that would be distracting for kids and would get bad grades and stuff because they aren't paying attention


Thanks, @iReesesCup for making me feel better!


exact reason why i hate teachers.

i've never had hopscotch in my school.. but schools like to take away stuff that's fun sometimes


Thank you for understanding how I feel @HappyDolphin


It's sad to hear that. I'm sure the community will miss your amazing projects. I know i will. (The I Phone version is not that bad, only smaller. I hope you can find a way to code again)


Thank you so much for the encouragement!


Did they delete it because of the subscription?


Even with the subscription, i'm pretty sure it wouldn't be a big issue, unless kids constantly asked for the school to get it. But it still wouldn't make sense. If they didn't want something like that to happen they could have gotten the school version, but then again, we wouldn't know. Maybe it was too much money for the school? Maybe kids were using hopscotch wrongly and a teacher caught them and instead of just taking it from them, took it from everyone?