Goodbye from Kayla 🦋

Hi Hops,

This week is my last week at Hopscotch, and I wanted to say goodbye — or rather, a see you later! :yellow_heart:

Being a part of Team Hopscotch has been an honor. I’ve learned so much from each of you, each unique way you shine and see the world. It was so fun to play your projects and learn about your coding process. I’m especially inspired by how you uplift and support each other in this community — you help each other grow, and are so generous with sharing your knowledge.

One thing that is next in my journey is directing and composing music for a film about social impact. I’ve also received support to work on my own game this year. It was a hard decision for me to make, and it is a privilege to be able to make a decision like this especially during these times. For now I’ll be taking a leap into the unknowns and trusting where this will lead me!

So thank you for making awesome creations and courageously sharing them with the world. Create and be generous with what you know, share and teach and celebrate. I’m cheering you on as you create your own self-exporatoriums through code, art, telling your own stories. Continue being radical!

This year has been a journey. I’m humbled and honored to have contributed to the Hopscotch community. I will be working on passing my work down smoothly to the next person who can fulfill my role on the team. Hopscotch values your work and is working on more ways to share your excellent work far and wide <3

Please stay safe and healthy during this time.

Cheering you on, always!

Yours truly,


ps: my website is in my bio so don’t hesitate to reach out if there is any way I can support you, and feel free to share cool updates on your work - I’d love to see it :raised_hands:


First post,

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Goodbye. :frowning:


not you too!

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What! Seriously?

Sorry, I’m just a bit sad… Why is the whole team I know leaving?


Edit: I just realized that you did a TED talk


Awww, we’ll miss you so much! Good luck on your future adventures!




Why is everyone leaving :sleepy:
It was Ana and now it’s Kayla



You were so nice

:pensive: :disappointed: :scream:

First Ana, now you…



I know this will work out, I had to do something like this too (not code related) and it went awesome. I hope for the best for you, goodbye.

Who’s next? Elizabeth?..

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We will definitely miss you too – that’s two staff members in a week :pensive:


Bye Kayla! I’ll miss you! It was an honor to work with you. Good luck with your composing and your game!


I have a speech

It’s a road for all of us. All of us. There will be an end to everything. But do you know what doesn’t end? Friendship. Let me tell you what a true friend is. A true friend supports you, they don’t force you, they don’t hurt you and dislike you for who you are. A true friend will be with you til the end. A true friend will stick by your side even in your worst times. I have only one true friend in real life, my mother. Everyone desires things, even us. What I desire, is for you all to be there with me during my worst. What I desire, is that people will truly understand others. It’s funny how the world works. But, everyone here has been the best. And I hope you knew that Kayla. Because we will never forget you and Ana’s great company with us. We all have gone through many paths, but we aren’t going to be there forever.



If you don’t mind saying, is it a coincidence that both you and ana left or is there a reason both of you left?





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goodbye @kayla

it was an honor working with such an amazing and creative mind like yours during both seed developers programs, and we’re rlly gonna miss u here :(

your art is beautiful, and i can’t wait to see your game! i’m in class at the moment but when that’s over i’ll be sure to check out your website!

your wonderful videos you produced for tht were purely magnificent and i’m sure your short film will be amazing!

have fun during your creative journey, your an inspiration to me and to many other kids here. i wish you the best of luck! See you later!


really nice working with you through the seed developers programme - thank you for inspiring all of us - and for your impacts throughtout the community! :seedling:

super courageous - best of luck!

until next time - perhaps when we’re seeing you accept some awards for your future game! :eyes:


Same <I dontwant to say lol

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