Goodbye Forumers


Okay. This isn't something I ever wanted to do, but I have to. I'm leaving the forum and maybe HS itself. If I don't, activity will be VERY low

"You're being too secretive. Why do you spend so much time online?"

My parents dislike this. They claim my friends use weird games and anime as an escape from reality. While mine isn't an awful reality, I come from a VERY strict household. And then in 7th grade, bullying started. I was called "nerd", "teachers pet, weirdo and robot nerd so many times it was sickening.

Luckily, the play was going on at the time. I turned to that. I could be another person in my show. I wasn't me, I wasn't weighed down by low self esteem and name calling. I wasn't insulted for my hatred of sports and love of the arts. But before I knew it, the show had ended and it was over.

This was around the time when I first played Undertale. And was that game great. I replaced kids cartoons with animes, old toys with band merch, and MLP with P!atD. And I loved it, I felt mature with these fandoms that my best friends presented to me and I happily took.

My parents like My Little Pony and Finding Dory and Toddlers and Tiaras. These were wholesome for someone my age. I'm 13.

Everything. Computers, phones, earbuds, tablets, anything with any wiring was ripped out of my hands. Text messages read and reviewed, fandoms searched on the Internet, and my animes taken away. I was devastated, isolated, and depressed. I couldn't talk to the people I knew cared, and my younger siblings treated my insecurity like a joke. I only got these back two days ago.

This year, I've been moved up a level in my choir, becoming one of the levels youngest members. I'm joining another school choir, and the cross country team. In November, the musical begins again. I have my Silver Award project underway. I plan to further my art as well.

But with so many activities on my plate, I can't forum. With my closely watching family and time restraints, I am leaving my beloved forum.

Knock em' dead, darlings.


Bye! This sounds horrible!


Ok! Bye! Have a great life! You are an amazing person!


That's sounds awful! Sorry to read this! Bye and EP is right!!


cri cri cri



cri cri cri cri cri criiiiii

I don't know what to say that's an amazing story. Truly. I hope you can one day show your parents that hopscotch is amazing and that it's not an escape but a door to a whole new world. Wow-I just need to go sit and think about life for a second.


I cri


every tiem




Yes this is smol text
(´Д` )
Don't cry temo!


That stinks :confused:
Also, parents don't really understand things


Crying is good for calming your sadness
(obviously not in public but yeah)


I'll miss you I'm sorry that ur parents don't appreciate that u can't b how they won't u to be


Yes! I knew it! Take that mom!


Bye. Have fun in real life!


Bye bye me fam. Have a great life.