Goodbye forever :( <yep its true>


Bye:disappointed_relieved: You may have noticed that I have been gone for long periods of time (or probably not)

I just cant explain why...

Even tho I've never really got to know anyone very well, its still time to move on

So goodbye goodbye, I'll miss you guys :heart:


Bye. ;n;


You're so awesome, as a person and coder!
I especially love your drawings!
K bai :(


Goodbye :disappointed:
Hopscotch will miss you greatly


I hope you have an amazing life, you will do great things.

Goodbye, doodle. We'll miss you. ;n;


Plz don't leave....
I have been wanting to sing the song I made up, it goes like this:
There's a hopscotcher you might know, doodliedoo is her/his naaaaame! Come on come sing this sooooong, everyone wants to sing it yeeeeeaaaaaa! And it goes like, and a doodliedoo! Yes it's truuuuuueee it's doodliedoo, boo! Surprise! Doodliedoo! Doodle oo. And aaaaa dooooddddllllliiiieeeeeeeeeeeedoooooooooooooooooo!!!


Bye ;-;


;;-;; I've been noticing your innactivity.

I wish I could have gotten to know your better! Bye!


Goodbye Doodliedoo, your drawings really inspired me from the start of looking at your account on Hopscotch.

I'll always remember you, you're an awesome person. ;-;