Goodbye Everyone!



Hi everyone! Bad news: I have to give back my tablet for school so, unless I get my own, I won't be on Hopscotch or the forum for a long time. I will post my farewell projects on my personal Hopscotch account and Unidonut. I would like to thank everyone who supported me along the way (@UnderagedCoder1 @MagmaPOP @Petrichor). Hopefully I come back one day. Bye!


Bye, I have to do the same thing in 5-6 weeks


Well, goodbye in a big advance!


Bye dont worry I will have to do it soon too


@UnderagedCoder1 and @Codemaster, promise to help keep this community sane?


Sane or safe?


Yeah, you most likely dont know me though



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  • Safe


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Bye use a computer or something to forum k


Are you leaving now?! I thought we are giving up our tablets on the next time we go to school after spring bre- oh wait this is your last day.. well bye then I didn't really get to know you, but I will still miss you...


Btw @UnderagedCoder1 I didn't get to compliment your pfp XD it is amazing


Thank you @Kosho, I hope you have a swell Ray Day and summer!


You too! :slight_smile:


Me in loke ten weeks


Bye ;-;


Wow, your summer is early; you might live in the South, maybe..


No it isn't summer break is in June for us


It's only loke April for us. I live in wi