Goodbye... declined, check my message


Bye.... I'm leavin.g the forum.

I'm getting "Bullied". And now everyone HATES ME. I wanted to achieve one simple goal with Jedi adventures but all I've gone through is misery and hate. I get all these nasty remixes from doubledutch. I am useless now, as you all will consider me as a psycho.

I'm not one, out of hopscotch I am a cheerful person, but within the last few days, I have been a miserable person. This is turning in on me, and I will stop using the forum.

About 2 weeks ago, if you saw my account you'd say, 'This guy is awesome, never fights' now it's 'I will report him, I HATE HIM' this puts me down.

I want to continue coding on hopscotch. Enjoy it. The forum has changed in my eyes and people aren't acting maturely . Don't weep about me, because I'm a total lose.r on the forum

The good about this is I'll be posting more often on hopscotch.

The only reason why I'd come on the forum is to nominate something, comment about a bug/glitch and ask for help on my next major game. That's the reasons why I should be returning.


Bye from the forum...

Conquistador and Huitzilopochtli

ok bye bye


k bye


I think you're an awesome person.
You can leave if you want, but I will miss you



we'll miss you.......

the forum won't be the same without you

And whoever was mean to you better STOP

Bye I guess :cold_sweat::fearful::sob::cry::persevere:

Good luck coding :slight_smile:


Bye. I barely got to know you, but goodbye frenpai.


Bye bye


We don't hate you! Don't think about it! But, bye ;-;


We don't hate you! Think about it before u make this choice!


you can't gooooooooooo
We're going to miss you so much


Bye! Have a nice life! :)))




Goodbye :frowning:


I have a question for you
Is being a fridge annoying?
Like, how everyone flings you open all the time?


K bye bye!!
I hope you make a cool game sometime!!


Bye! Hope you have fun on Hopscotch!


No, I like to think I'm very welcoming :slight_smile:




Well, you know my opinion on the subject.

I still think you're turning a little bit of negativity into something way bigger than it needs to be. Every Featured project, good or bad, is going to get hate. What makes you a great Hopscotcher is how you deal with that hate. You need to understand that it's only one or two users, who are probably trying to get attention anyway, who are spreading negativity. By scaling that up into something worth leaving over, you've made yourself more immature than the people you claim "aren't acting maturely." You can do better.


Great speech :clap: