Goodbye anikeony! We'll miss you!



Before you flag, please read. This is forum and Hopscotch related. @anikeony has decided to leave, and we will all miss her. I just want to say goodbye, and anyone else can to. She was a really awesome friend! (I am pretty sure she is a girl)


Wait, @DiamondDragon, why does @Anikeony want to leave? D:


I'd give a whole essay but I'm tired goodnight :frowning:


Tnxs guys. I really wished I could stay but I don't think it's possible again. I am gonna miss everyone in hopscotch
. :sob: :heart:️️:blue_heart::heart:️️:blue_heart::heart::heart:

@DiamondDragon - thanks 4 this topic.


No way.
Don't leave.
You are de greatest fren ever.
Ok then.
Good luck!


@anikeony I'm going to miss you when are you leaving???


My account should be deleted in three days time, if not I'll just have to stop coming.


I'm going to make you a leader of BaconClan


Thanks, that means a lot to me but I'm going to leave in 3 days.


too many people are leaving!
PLZ don't leave @anikeony !!!!


Umm....sorry but it's late. :sob::sob::sob:


Why are you leaving?!


u'll know when the time is right. I'll keep it private 4 now


Ik that's why I'm putting you as a leader and you'll stay a leader


Thanks @BaconStudios