Good news you Prangster gangsters


In a way, yes.


Yo yo yo I will edit my post just delete all yo posts.


It's illegal what



No don't revele tough this is anonymous account.

I don't want anyone knowing or guessing who I am


Lets say you had a job. Then someone weres a mask that looks like you and you get the money.



But if I edit people will know i am not the real him.


You cant edit my post .-.


@Kiwicute2016? Could you deal with this? I'm not sure what to make of it...


Don't worry your boy can handle this


Let's play along with this

clears throught

Yo yo pink sheep how it going?


You can handle this?
I'm not sure if KC wants you to do this whole anonymous account thing. They are getting out of hand.


I am recycling this topic @Gilbert189 @BuildASnowman please delete all the posts.


No one can guess who I am though.


The mods can. They can see IPs. They know who you really are!


Well the editing post thing was, like, Stop threating me im not scared

I know how computers work xD


Delete all your posts please.


Wow that could be true.

He loves minecraft.



No guessing you cupcake


No guessing I am not answering


We still have the right to guess :wink: