Good news you Prangster gangsters


Yo yo yo you Prangster gangsters

This is is pink sheep

Yo boy has made a new hopsoctch account called PinkSheep(Offical)

And you will see yo boy code better then the boss coder Shia leaBouf

Oh wait Shia is not on hopsptch

Anyways check out your boy and u can see the swag hotdog pic

Pink sheep out


Oh come on purple shep you hit the wrong face.

Anyways by see yo boy later.


You realize mods can check IPs right?


this is just a joke account. i made @iampurpleshep a long time ago and someone else made this account to do stuff.


What are you talking about.


This is not a joke.


Rolls on floor laughing


I prefer not to. :wink:

Psst. I can see deleted posts. Eyebrows are better than mustaches. Pink sheep has no eyebrows. XD


Yo yo yo purple shep does.

Delete yo post now what does the ip thing mean.


She means, this is basically someone (you) on a different account acting different. :0

She can basically see all the accounts you have on the IP address you are using. :0


that mods are magical wizards that can check IPs and @creativecoder happens to be a wizard too


No no no she can't tell what if I live the same ip as them.



Yo yo yo this is me.


Fake one more time and I'll reveal. :stuck_out_tongue:


Whelp, then I don't know. Depends on your main account. :T


Please kiwi delete your posts.


Wait, is it illegal to impressionate someone? Or just a company?


She is just being honest though. It's le truth.


This is just a joke. No one say anything who sees this.

I am recycling this topic.


So are you real? If not then u lied to us :frowning: