Good News, Bad News



Hey guys! I have some good news and some bad news.
Bad news first: I might not be on hopscotch after this year D:
Everyone's career has to end, and mine might not last long :pensive:
Also, I have to be on less. (Hopscotch AND forum) for irl reasons.
Good news, we have a Science Olympiad meet on Wednesday. It's for the whole day, and I only have two events. I'm bringing my iPad, so hopefully i can code the whole day! (Unless we have an intense paper basketball game)
Thanks for understanding!


No!! You are one of my favorite hopscotchers!! Plz!!!


Dang, it's really hard to type on an iPad mini without making it auto corvette.
Edit: Correct -__-


Same I'm on an iPad mini too!! I'm so sad!,


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Why must you leave this planet Han Solo
WHY must AUTO correct?


Omg your own of my FAVORITES NOOOOOOOO THIS CANT HAPPEN NOOOOOOOOOO but I will support whatever decision you decide to make,


Oh no! That's horrible D: I hope you stay for longer than that!


I'm not leaving this year... :T Lol
maybe next year. But look on the bright side, 9ish more months!


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I know but still!!!! When this year is over :sob::cry:


No, that's terribele D:

I understand tho, Sometimes things get in the way of Hopscotch and we all have to leave at some point

Your music was really awesome, We'll miss you


I'm happy you can still be in this year though :wink:


I might make my last project my opus magna. (2016 collab maybe, dunno)


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Nope! XD
Maybe I will put an Easter egg... Or maybe I ALREADY put an Easter egg in one of my projects :smirk:
I meant opus magna but it autocorrected. It's Latin.


Yeah I know it was the triangle illuminati symbol in flight of the bees


That's not the only one...


XD I guess I'll have to start searching through all of your projects looking for some easter eggs

No one saw that edit