gOoD jOb EvErYoNe!


k so this place is falling apart because no one knows how to moderate it :) and mean things are being said, not something most of us need in our life, and peopleare talking about others behind their backs

so stop

thanks great talk



someone gets it!

Someone really does!


What do you mean by profanity. I haven't seen any naked people.
I'll join your forum.


Clap Snape!! Don't just freeze


What do you suggest?


hey popytarty :D
can u clear some stuff up for me?
I thought leaders were demoted, but mods stay the same.
Then people started saying the were promoting leader to other people.
Now I'm just confused XP


Never mind, I can't join...
Not exposing email.


Short and sweet, that's a good way of putting important information because some people see a long essay and decide it's too much. Also, I agree, just whoever it is, stop.


Mmmm... very true...

also, tbh, most people gotta learn how to behave.


There don't seem to be any leaders or mods now, aside from the team and discourse.


I'll join your forum happily


Teach us your ways then ONS!


This is a forum of kids so it is going to be hard for everyone to get along. The best solution would be to have more mods. New users need to learn that this forum is not a place for negativity, but it is a place for kindness and helpfulness.


Your email is not "Exposed" as it is illegal for me to see it. Use a fake email


If it is illegal for you to see a user's email on your forum, then isn't it illegal for THT to look at their users' emails?


Wouldn't that be considered communication outside the forum...


I joined as friendship2468 k


Veree true @Madi_Hopscotch_!


Yeah, we need the old moderators and leaders back.
Things are really getting out of control. Right now, the only way to close bad topics is to spam flag...and that's not a good thing.


What Snoopy said. @PopTart0219 you are right in this instance. Everything is way out of control.