Good Hopscotch Lol


Hey guys today is my new thing called good morning hopscotch to be in a interview just ask I will ask questions then put the answers in the game on hopscotch

New Show -Good Morning Hopscotch

Welcome to the forum!


Hey I've been here 3 days wanna have an interview on good morning hopscotch tomorrow


Oh my goddness smileyalyssa liked my post


I am sorry it feels like your copying my show. Could you change it up a bit??


Yeah I'm doing this to help you ok cause of all those people


Oh, ok!! Thanks for that!!:sweat_smile: I needed that!! Could you at least say that its not " your" show??


Yup(filling blanks)$




I don't think this is really "Good Morning" Hopscotch. The Hopscotch community—all the people live in different time zones.

Can you do a story on our "TRICERA–STUDIOS NEWS"? It is new, and has a ton of stories. Search for "tankt2016's news" and it should come up. We do interviews. We take interesting stories. We have about 15 stories on there and have edited about 10 times. The topic was created about 3 days ago.

I love this idea!


Put a link I can't find it


Oh! I get it! Thanks for putting credit. One time, this person was careless and would not stop remixing my projects!!:joy:


Yup I always put credits if I remix


Can't get a link, it is a topic on the forum. Just tap the search button and type tankt2016's and it should come up as like the second one.


I Liked Your Post: And I'm Popular!


Really your are :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:🙃


Hello welcome to the forum!


Hi welcome to the forums


Why! No one will ever notice Stick news...

(don't mean to sound harsh or anything :sweat_smile:)


I saw a t on tankt2016's post