Goobrgrlrye's hopscotch story!


Hi everyone! I am making a hopscotch story! If u wanna be character, just tell me!
Characters (so far): @bluedogmc-official @Jadeybirdy @Dude73 @Sensei_Coder
@Hero_Dino @Rainboom @Smartypants
@Goobrgrlrye (me!) @Madi_Hopscotch_
@RubyStars @MelodiousParrot @DA-BEASTY @FoodDelivery @MR.GAM3R @Refugeecat123 @Murphy1
Characters I added: @StarryDream @Maltese @CandyflossClouds is it okay if I put u guys in my story?

Okay! We will start! If you want to give ideas for the story, I am going to make another topic 4 ideas and link it to this topic!

Chapter 1:

makes topic "anyone wanna chat?" Types bluedogmc_official. "Of course fren!" Types rainboom. " I do 2! I will make a topic!" Da-Beasty quickly replys. "Omg! What about us?!" Shouts goobrgrlrye and refugeecat123. "May we join too?" Asks sensei_coder, food_delivery and ruby stars. "Sure! You can all join!" Bluedogmc_official quickly types. "Um, I know this is kind of last second, but can me, melodious parrot, madi_hopscotch, and murphy1 join 2 plz?"smarty pants asks 30 minutes later. "Yah!!!!" Bluedogmc official says. so when all the people who ask to be in it go to the topic, they get sucked in! "omg, what the peanuts is going on?!" Goobrgrlrye remarks. "Duh, we got sucked in the the topic, which personally I think is AWESOME!!!" Dabeasty declares. "Wh-what is so awesome about it? H-how are we going to get out?!" Melodious parrot says, feeling a bit worried. more hopscotchers appear right behind bluedog. "akk! You 2 startled me! U aren't part of our chat topic? Are u?" Bluedogmc_officiall says shockingly. "Heh,heh, no. But we would like to be part of it. Right, hero_dino?" Mr.Gam3r says. "Yeah. Can we be part of- starts having a sneezing fit" hero Dino starts 2 sneeze. "You okay dude?" Asks rubystars. "I have,achoo! Been, achoo! Snee-aaaaahhhhhchoooooo! Sneezing ever-achoo! Since- achoo! I got on the- achoo! Forum..." Hero Dino says.

Chapter 2

"Maybe you should go to to the doctors?" Smarty pants suggested. "Well.." Hero Dino said. "Dude, do u want to get better or not?!" Ruby stars said. "Well, achoo! Ye-choo! Yes." Hero Dino said. "Okay everyone, let's go!" Refugee cat shouted. They all ran over to dr.maltese's doctors office. (Aka maltese's general topic) nurse starry dream led them into her office, while nurses rushed past them, and paitients sneezed and coughed. "Hello, dr. Maltese." Mr. Gamer said. "Hi! What can I do for all of you?" Dr. Maltese asked. "It is hero Dino! He keeps having sneezing fits when ever he gets on the forum!" Rubystars said. "Hmm. I think you are allergic to hopscotch." Dr. Maltese explained. everyone faints "I suggest you stay away from the forum until I say. Maybe, 3 weeks?" Dr. Maltese said. "Oh, no!" Food delivery said. " wait!" Someone yelled from down the hall as they were leaving. "Um, could we get a x ray recall quick on you hero Dino?" It was nurse starry dream again. " I just wanna make sure, cuz, ya know." Starry dream said. (Okay, that is all I have 4 now but I will put more tomorrow.


I can be a character if you want!


Okay! (Du.mb 20 characters)


Can I be in it? And to get around the 20 character rule, do this!
<filler here>
^do that, and it will turn invisible! :D


Can I be a character please?


@Jadeybirdy and @Dude73 you can both be characters! I will add both of u!


Can I be in it? :D


Thank you so much! :D


Can I be one?


I'll be a character :D


Can I be a character?


7 more spots everyone!


Can I be a character? :smiley: What is the story about?


Of course u can be a character! I am still thinking of what the story is about but I have already thought of some parts of the story.


Can I be a character? :D


Of course! Anyone can be a character!!!


Can I be a character? That would be awesome!:grinning:




Anyone else wanna be a character? There is only 4 more spots! @Maltese? @EnchantedAnimallover? @DA-BEASTY? @Refugeecat123?


@Goobrgrlrye I've never been in a story before. I wouldn't mind being in this one if there are spots :smiley: